Move into your dream home today. Buy it when you’re ready.
Rent while we help you save for a deposit. You can buy your home from us whenever you’re ready.

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Apricot in a nutshell
We accelerate your path to home ownership. Stop paying off your landlord’s mortgage.

Find your dream home

We'll buy it for you in cash, so you can beat the competition and move in quickly.

Rent while you prepare to buy

You're not in this alone. Rent your home back from us and every month we'll contribute to your deposit to help you get mortgage-ready.

Become a homeowner

As soon as you're ready, you can buy your dream home outright.
Our homeownership program is made just for you.
Save for a deposit
Saving can be tough. That’s why we set aside a portion of your market-level rent so you can save up for a deposit.
Make it your own
This is your home. You can make whatever non-structural change you want whilst you rent it from us. Paint the walls, replace the kitchen, turf the garden... It's your home!
Locked-in purchase price
Don't worry about house prices running away from you. We agree on a fair purchase price before you even start renting.
Let’s confront the elephant in the room.
How is this not too good to be true?

Because for the first time, renters are being put first.

Instead of profiteering from your rent, we take a big chunk of that profit and put it into building you a deposit.

We’re able to do this because we’re patient. We are happy to wait until you purchase the property back from us at a pre-agreed price to return money to our investors.

To learn more, head to our FAQ or just pop a question in our livechat in the bottom right corner and one of the team will be in touch.

Our Mission
Enabling anyone to become a homeowner.

At Apricot, we believe everyone should be able to benefit from the sense of ownership, feeling of security, and wealth building opportunities that come with owning a home.

However, with house prices and the cost of living relentlessly growing, it is harder than ever to achieve that milestone.

Through an approach that truly cares for our customers, we are forging a new path to home ownership.

Join us today to begin your journey.

Are you ready to start your journey to homeownership?